My Apologies

“I will not be another flower, picked by my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find and impossible to forget..”

                Here goes me. Gna Wyatt. Formally the face behind the camera as One12 Photography. As I start typing I know that I should say something along the lines of..I am a photographer. Lifestyle and wedding photography have proven to be my addictions, however for the past two years I have been mainly focused in portraiture. Natural light is my best friend aside from a camera I have informally named “Alice”. With that out of the way…I’m gonna level a bit. First Blog post = Scary shit! However, I feel like for the past two years I’ve worked with so many amazing clients that have gotten the “business end” of me. The well reserved, soccer mom dressed, middle part, bland hand shake and a “Thank you” when you turn to leave the shoot. Guys…this is in no way, shape or form who I am. For that I apologize. This is the version of myself that I’ve created to be accepted by all walks of life in order to run a successful  business. All in all, it’s worked. To an extent at least. My business is in fact successful. Still I find myself feeling let down by the experience I’m leaving these clients with. I’ve honestly cheated people out of that experience by conforming to “society rules”. For that I apologize.  I’ve hidden behind marketing posts, mono toned “sneak peek” albums,  referring to myself as “One12 Photography” (I totally said that in my best valley girl pitch) instead of a real person. All of that,  has led me to this. A Blog. A place where I can ride the high from amazing shoots. Where I can actually allow my clients the chance to get to know.. ME.

I am a fucking experience. I am raw and candid and animated. I am a Panacea Latte with 4 extra shots of espresso. I am drunk on Sweet Red Wine, despite the fact that it’s a Tuesday night and I know I’m going to pay for it in the morning. I am Mama Bird to four of the most intelligent,  independent, strong-willed, driven and beautiful ladies. I am Graveyard Fields. I am the Drum Circle in Asheville on a Friday night in the dead of summer when every flavor of human forms a beat you can feel in your soul.  I am Vans on your wedding day. I am the word “Fuck”in a church, or the baby isle in Wal-Mart. Not because I’m disrespectful or have no home training, but because my emotion for life forms words in my mouth that fall onto the floor like vomit. I am a musician at midnight on a waffle house table when I take the lead solo while my littles join in, high from the eight thirty bedtime we skipped that night. I am a Mastiff’s mom. I am good grammar and a run-on sentence. I am Benjamin Leftwich while I fall asleep, Angus and Julia while I edit, Beyoncé in the shower and Eazy E while I cook dinner. I am a Canon with a missing lens cap because I never seem to have the time. I am the arts district downtown. I am a lesbian. I am suspenders and a man bun, because why the fuck not!? I am tattoos and piercings. I am organic. I am professional. I am american spirit cigarettes with the promise of my last pack at least once a week. I am a shot a wedding reception because for once everyone knows my name not my business card logo! This is me. This is who I’ve so unintentionally hidden. It stops today. Today I apologize for not allowing you to experience all that I am. I apologize for conforming to the “rules and regulations” of today’s society in order to gain approval. I apologize for leaving you with a bland taste in your mouth and a stiff hand shake. That wasn’t me. I am a fucking experience, and that is exactly who I will be with the doors now wide open! With all this in mind, I invite you to follow along and become part of my journey, my family and my story. Fox & Owl say “This shit takes guts and grit”..I figure I’ve got a little of both. 


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