Coming Home.

    When Haley messaged me about a surprise photo shoot for her three children, I was of course intrigued. However, after she filled me in on the fact that she would be welcoming home her husband and their father from the military, I was honored… and probably just as excited as she was! Staff Sergeant Matt Dickerson had spent the last year in Kuwait, away from his wife and children, to serve his country. So we made a plan. When her husband came off the plane, Haley was waiting..and the reunion was everything. I then left the airport and headed to the Asheville Mall, where Haley’s children were “Christmas shopping” with their grandparents. Grabbing a bite to eat in the food court before heading home. They were completely unsuspecting. Unable to travel in uniform, Staff Sergeant Dickerson quickly changed into uniform and waited for the go ahead. Haley joined her children just in time to watch their dad appear like magic, rolling down the escalator right in front of them.  This was one of the most heart warming moments I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. The kids were blown away and completely surprised! That moment was flooded with water works, bear hugs, answered prayers and laughter. I cried with them..and I’m not a crier.  I love my job every single day. Then there are days like this that let me know I could never do anything else. This is my shit. Real life moments. Real life memories. Thank you to ALL the men and women that serve and the families that stand in the background supporting them. I am a thousand times grateful for the opportunity to add this moment to my  “favorites list”. 




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